Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This is to announce the publishing of a blog website devoted to information for, of, and about the people of the Adair and Casey United Methodist Churches. We are feeling our way along the wall concerning how to organize our information, what elements will be most appreciated by our members, and how to publicize the existence of our tome.

The source of our blog is "Blogspot.com" www.blogger.com. They provide a series of simple template pages to start
from. There is a nice list of page elements to choose from - to complete and drop onto our chosen template page. These elements are Page Header, Text Compositions (like this one), Pictures, Labels, Lists, Videos (such as YouTube), Slide Show, Archives, and many others I have not considered, but who knows where this endeavor may take us?

This is composed in Dashboard, which I think the Iowa U.M.C. site uses to manage their state site. We could add a link to the state site, if you wish.

The professionals in my family suggested beginning with a "blog" just to get the feel of web publishing. They say maintaining a URL website can get very involved, and in the future, if we wish to graduate to that format, this has cost us nothing but time and energy, and is probably a good learning experience.

The User name is: abcparish
They ask for a question to give if I lost my Password. I asked "What year
was the Casey church built? Answer: 1974"
They ask who will be signing each posting and I named "Pastor Lynn"
The e-mail address is: abcparish@gmail

This is a place to start. Keep in mind this is always very flexible. If we do not like this organization, we need only find our way back here, pick a new template, or just edit the page elements to a construction we are happy with.

It has been my pleasure to be involved in this new beginning.
Signed By, Donna Kopaska, for Pastor Lynn

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